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#oof365daysofpoem 1

Sunshine is coming back, there is warmth in the air.
Winter days reducing and lighter nights to share.
It's time to get your garden ready, to rake and prep the soil, it'll soon be time to pull those veggies up and get them on to boil!

#oof365daysofpoem 3

I look for you,
your vibrant blue,
I'm sure I saw you pass.

I moved an inch,
for a better glimpse,
in that same second you were gone.

#oof365daysofpoem 5

Otters are so stealthy, they'd rather not say hello
A mostly night time creature who lives right down below - where you or I would think to look, they really have it sussed - historically they were hunted so you can forgive the lack of trust.

I hope one day to meet an otter passing by, it's not through lack of trying, it's just they're really shy.
I do know what to look for from reading a great text, so keep your fingers crossed for me that my glimpse will happen next.


#oof365daysofpoem 2


Flour and sugar into the bowl,
grab your eggs, make a hole.
Crack them in, whisk or fork, you'll only need a little torque.
Add the milk to make it runny, think of toppings - I like honey!
Plop! them onto a nice hot pan and when they bubble, flip 'em man!
Onto a plate to share around, good pancakes make a friendship sound.


#oof365daysofpoem 4

To the beach on a Sunday morning, the strip off perfected to a fine art.
A brave few leave behind small mounds as they move deftly towards the icy waves.
Up to the knees a challenge, the cold, merciless and shocking - witnessed by arms that rise up and up in spasms.
Gradually howls suppress, bodies submerge and give way to sighs - the hard part is done.
Back to the shore to recover, the bodies tested retreating into their warm cups and home.


#oof365daysofpoem 6

The laundry pile is a creep just living there and getting bigger, I swear one day I saw it move - the laundry pile is a creep.

Odd socks and long sleeves flail at the outskirts, catching on things, just trying to escape the clutches of the laundry pile who's a creep.

I know I had another pair of pants and I was just I hadn't worn my favourite jumper again?
That laundry pile is a creep.

I'm sure I heard it sigh when I came to take it to the machine. It's power lies in staying dirty.
The laundry pile is a creep.

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