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Introducing #FridayFeelgood

No better way to start my first blog than with a #FridayFeelgood post!

I started posting these on LinkedIn where I pledged to update every week with something good that had happened in my week as I learn about the many peaks and troughs in the life of a freelancer! It's good to celebrate even the small things and I love even more to hear from others too!

This week has been one such fluctuating week with work being quite spaced out and it would be easy to get fearful of the 'unknown' but maintaining consistency pays off! For me, in the form of a great new lead that I wouldn't have got if I hadn't stayed consistent in other areas! Special feelgood mention to the #voiceover community in general for being supportive and caring to one another and the reason for this post! I popped together a quick sample video with a mashup of some of my work because another established VO was offering to share them on their social media. Lifting others up is so important and I've learnt that a kind word or gesture can go a VERY long way to help someone else on their journey.

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